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The Flower Press by Anne

"a way to cherish your unique wedding bouquet forever"

This is a perfect gift:

For the newly-weds who adore flowers

From the bridesmaids to the bride

From the groom to the bride, even years later… a sweet anniversary gift.

From the bride to herself, because a bouquet is a special and beautiful way of remembering your wedding day

After being to many weddings, and particularly being flower obsessed myself, I found myself wishing there was a way to cherish the beautiful bouquets that were so specially and carefully arranged by such talented florists. I heard more than once “Let’s remember to take the bouquet home and we’ll get it dried as a keepsake”.

But wedding days turn into nights that are so fun and exciting, often the bouquets are forgotten behind or thrown out with the trash.

So here’s what I’m offering – you provide the photos, and I’ll illustrate and recreate the bride’s unique wedding bouquet, personalised with the newly-weds initials and the date of their special day. Printed on heavy-weight cotton paper, it will serve as a beautiful memento framed on the wall, a true keepsake to last into the future.



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