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That's one dirty wedding gown!

So you have had your Big day but now that gorgeous white wedding gown is "caked" in dirt from being dragged on the ground or covered in red wine thanks to that crazy Aunty of yours or maybe your spray tan rubbed off? Don't worry, your dress is not ruined and the thousands of dollars you have spent on it has not gone to waste.

CV Gown Cleaning & Preservation specialises in Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation.

Established by Cathy Cadeddu in 2009, each gown is individually hand cleaned by Cathy at CV

Gown Cleaning & Preservation. Unlike Dry Cleaners we do not use heat, harsh chemicals or

machines. Your gown is then pressed or steamed, then preserved. Our preservation methods

are such as used by museums. Your gown will be layered with acid free tissue paper and

presented to you in a special preservation box.

A lot of time and thought went into selecting the wedding gown that was perfect for you. Your wedding gown, whether you have hopes that another family member may one day wear it, or you simply wish to hold onto it for sentimental reasons, should be professionally cleaned and preserved as soon as possible after your wedding day. Your wedding gown will become a cherished keepsake of your most memorable day. Like the memories of your wedding day, you want your gown to last forever.

Many brides leave their gowns in the garment bags they came in with the intention of one day having their gown cleaned. One day can take a while to get here. This delay can be detrimental to the gown and its longevity. Here are some reasons why:-

  • ❖  Your dress may have noticeable marks such as a soiled hemline, or food and make-up stains. On the other hand your dress may even look clean, but don't be fooled! Such things as body oils, perspiration and spills from beverages or soda may dry clear, but over time they oxidize, turn brown and become more difficult to remove. Body perspiration may even cause the lining of the dress to turn brittle over time.

  • ❖  Most gowns come from the boutique in a plastic bag, or fibre bag that contains a certain amount of plastic. Plastic fumes are one of the most harmful factors to fabric, as most plastics give off chemical fumes that cause yellowing. Even some dry cleaners return cleaned gowns in plastic! If your gown has embellishments such as beads, pearls, crystals, sequins, lace or embroidery you may wish to check with a specialist cleaner, some dry cleaning solvents can be detrimental to these. It is best to use a cleaner that specialises in hand cleaning, such as CV Gown Cleaning & Presrevation, to ensure no damage occurs. Cathy is available by appointment and also offers a pre-wedding pressing service, as well as gift certificates and pick up and delivery.

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