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MD.Makeup Artist

Hello my name is Mandi Dempster, I am a fully qualified Makeup Artist based in Geelong and I am passionate about all things makeup, and the amazing power and confidence makeup can bring a to every woman and I am proud to launch the GLAM-UP STATION for weddings and red carpet events.

GLAM-UP Stations are a bespoke addition to any event. Why not impress your guests with something cool and different by offering a GLAM-UP Station.

MD.Makeup artist arrives at your event to set up the GLAM Station then all guests are welcome to sit in the hot seat and have anything from a full makeover to a simple lipstick touch up and if you are the Bride or Host - you'll get first dibs on the Glam!

GLAM-UP STATIONS are a bespoke addition to any wedding which your guests will thank you for! My beautiful pop up makeup station is the perfect addition to your wedding for hair and makeup touch ups during the night. This is that something extra that your guests WILL thank you for and talk about!

Every Bride wants to look her best all day right through from ceremony to reception, weather you need a quick freshen up, or a complete hair re-style, maybe a winged eyeliner needs re-finessed or bouncy curls have fallen flat, perhaps moisture is in the air and beautifully straightened hair has gone frizzy! Not to worry, I have those things covered and I even have fixes for sore feet and accidental wardrobe malfunctions or last minute emergencies.

My Glam Up Station can be set up at your reception so while you are away getting photos taken, your guests can sit in the chair and add a touch of glam to their look also. Make your guests feel special on your big day, help them look good and feel amazing while celebrating you..... But the bride undoubtedly gets first dibs on the glam!

Keep your photos looking polished all day and night and keep your guests looking and feeling fabulous with a Glam Up Station at your wedding.

Glam-Up Stations are also available for Red Carpet Events and other VIP functions. Great for team-building or as a morale booster and especially great for charity events where guests are known to give more when they feel great!


Call 0413 333 517

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