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Love found overseas!

Bo and Dwi // The Stones

In the early morning of one wintery day, Bo was woken up by Dwi, rushing her out to see the sunrise and at the end of this very day, a ring was spotted on Bo’s ring finger and that’s how their whole new chapter begins. Both, born and raised in Melbourne, it took them a few plane trips halfway across the world (the Netherlands, to be exact) to meet and fall in love with a neighbour.

How’s that for a love story?

We are extremely thankful and blessed to be able to be part of this smitten-ly in love couple and to witness and capture the beginning of a new journey at the minimalist beauty of a venue; Stones of the Yarra Valley. The day was sunny with a light breeze going through the trees, surrounding the venue and the wineries making a slight rustling sound, soothing every bone in both the bride and the groom, while they prep and get ready with the closes friends and family, for the next big chapter of their love story.

A surprise song for his wife, with toasts and sparkles towards the end of the night, it was a beautiful, intimate and definitely a perfect wedding.

Bo and Dwi, thank you for trusting us and we wish you the greatest love and journey of all time.

Check out their wedding by Rays Weddings

Rays Weddings like things simple, and they try to make their wedding videography packages simple but yet as wholesome as they can. Each of their packages includes consultations with #rayspartytribe prior to your day. Since no two weddings are the same, they like to look at this as a guide that can be curated to cater to your big day.

Come meet them at Geelong Wedding Expo, Sunday May 19th

Wedding Photographer: J​onathan Ong Wedding

Videographer: R​ays Weddings

Venue: ​Stones of the Yarra Valley

Cake: ​Two Rams Melbourne


Celebrant: A​ ndrew Redman Marriage Celebrant Special thanks to C​hristian Camilo Garcia M​ for flying high.

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