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Lights, camera, action

Deciding on whether or not getting a videographer for your wedding? The answer for you is yes yes and YES!!!

We can all agree that photography is a must but videography has always been a "if", "if we have the money", " if we find the right person" If uncle bob can't do it" etc

But lets face it once your wedding is over and done with you will regret not getting it.

A videographer will be able to capture so much more on your day, your wedding day will go so quickly that it will be over in a blink of an eye. Going back and being able to re live your wedding day, watch your husband/wife gasp as he sees you for the first time. Watch your partner get excited while they are getting ready, these are moments that you weren't there to see.

Having a videographer gives you the chance to watch the best day of your life in a cinematic view.

The Paper Lion Collective is one of Geelong's leading videographers who we at Geelong Wedding Expo recommend.

Paper Lion Collective

Paper Lion Collective is a team of filmmaking love-lovers, who like to do things a little bit differently. They believe that everyone has a story to tell and as storytellers, they see every wedding as an opportunity to do what they love and to share their passion through film. 

Each couple and each wedding are so perfectly unique, and these guys and gals love to get creative in capturing the most magic sparks in the happy firework of a wedding. They like to get creative and mix up how they approach each film depending on your wedding day. You won't find cookie-cutter wedding films here. 

Paper Lion Collective travel to a wide range of beautiful locations on a regular basis and count themselves lucky to have been involved in weddings all over.  This talented team live all across Victoria in Geelong, Bendigo and Melbourne but would travel across land and seas for love. 

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