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Jermaine Clarke - Civil Celebrant

Vibrant. Fun. Passionate.

These are just some of the words used to describe Celebrant Jermaine Clarke. Over the past 18 years, across the United Kingdom, Jamaica and Australia, Jermaine has performed his unique style of ceremonies. Settling in Geelong, Jermaine offers something new, something different and delivers it all in a style that is distinctively his own.

Tailoring a ceremony that reflects the couples love story is just the beginning, but it is in the delivery where Jermaine shines. Funny, enthusiastic and captivating, Jermaine’s strength as a public speaker and his approach will take any celebration to the next level.

“Each couple has their own story and flair, so no wedding should be the same”.

Jermaine places special importance on getting to know his couples so that on their wedding day he can deliver a ceremony that reflects their personality.

Jermaine is an inclusive celebrant and believes that Love is love! “Love doesn’t take notice of your ability, age, culture, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity; and neither do I. Whoever you are and whomever you love, I will work with you to make your wedding day the most amazing day of your life!”


Call: 0478 911 700

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