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Feeling like a princess !

"Here dances a little miss with a mind full of magical dreams, eyes full of wonder and a heart that will shape the world" Miss Belle was born from the love of all things feminine and beautiful.

Miss Belle is all about creating stylish and chic dresses for the littlest beauty in your bridal party. Combining superior bridal fabrics, luxurious laces and high quality finishes in their Geelong workroom, Miss Belle creates long lasting, timeless pieces to compliment your day. A history in some of Victoria’s most esteemed Bridal boutiques has inspired beauty in the form of fabric and thread. Having a combined 15 years of experience both in fashion studies and the industry, the Miss Belle Girls, Jessie and Brooke bonded over their love of all things Bridal. Their creativity knows no bounds, and so Miss Belle was born. Together they enjoy nothing more than sharing tea and cake whilst designing, spending time fabric sourcing as well as producing unique gowns for the littlest ladies to enjoy. Miss Belle gowns have an effortlessly classic feel to them, with inspiration drawn from both contemporary bridal and vintage fashion. They pride themselves on using gentle wearing fabrics and silhouettes, with all of their gowns being made with silky smooth satin, soft tulles and chiffons that will not scratch or irritate. Miss Belle also has the ability to custom make gowns to suit your occasion, whether it be a special event, christening or a beautiful.


* Choose the colour and style first. - One way to make your wedding that little bit more special is adding a theme that means something to both of you.

* Consider the Season- you don't want your little flower girl running around in a short sleeve on a cold winters day. Miss Belle are happy to custom make your gown.

* Plan for your little flower girl and how much she may grow.

* Choose the right length for her age group - Having a long gown on a toddler is a big "no no" there is nothing worse than having her trip and fall the entire way down the ceremony.

Flowers girls are among the cutest guests at any wedding. They will steal the hearts of all your guests and everyone will remember how GORGEOUS they look on the day.

Choose well - choose Miss Belle

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