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Florette is a studio-based florist headed by classically trained florist Erin Cusack, located in the beautiful seaside town of Ocean Grove.

Erin loves weddings so much they been the sole focus of her business since 2013.

Erin has been involved in hundreds of weddings across the span of her career and prides herself on coming up with new and unique designs for every single one.

Erin's signature style would best be described as unrestrained, perfectly imperfect and subtly asymmetrical.

However, she prides herself on creating flower arrangements that best represent the couple they are being made for. If you're tame and traditional, casual yet classy, wild and whimsical or outright outrageous then say it with flowers! There is no better way to put a personal spin on your wedding day then with Erin and the teams at Florette."

I don't know if this is what you are wanting so if I am completely off please let me know and ill put something else together haha.

I look forward to seeing what you are doing with it :)

Talk soon,



Phone: 0413 391 319


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