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And the Veil Bridal

The And The Veil bride is daring, smart, sophisticated and full of life. She is a confident, free-spirited wanderer in search for meaningful memories, she is a hopeless romantic. She is a woman of all shapes and sizes - each body is magnificent.

The And The Veil bride's style goes unprecedented, she loves modern aesthetics and has a Pinterest board filled with gorgeous tulle skirts, unique laces, keyhole backs, long trains...everything and more that makes her heart sing. She loves travelling with abandon, slow dancing in the kitchen, in season florals, jetting off with maxed out credit cards, champagne without occasion and long barefoot beach walks. She is timeless, she is fabulous and she is you! 

Bridal and Bridesmaid Boutique located in the heart of Geelong, Victoria. We provide a warm, inviting environment with a twist on your traditional bridal shopping, based in an industrial artsy location surrounded by trendy coffee shops and art galleries!

We take pride in offering a unique shopping experience for the contemporary bride and those closest to her. We focus on the experience of finding your wedding dress in a relaxed, comfortable and personal atmosphere, surrounded by gowns outside of the norm and mainstream.

We are a mother-daughter team Bronwyn and Rebbeca, dedicated to bringing beautiful, modern bridal wear to the Geelong area.

We moved to St Leonard's in 2015, from Melbourne and have since felt right at home! What a beautiful community we are lucky enough to live and work in. We want our brides to have a personalized and meaningful experience, one that we would want to share as mother and daughter. With a strong knowledge of our carefully curated bridal gowns, we will guide you through the process of finding a gown that you can imagine saying "I do" in. Our intimate team of four passionate women are all about you! 

We leave the stuffy traditional bridal shopping experience "thing" at the door and welcome you into a relaxed, luxury space to say yes to the dress with your closest loved ones. 

And The Veil Bridal is more than just a bridal boutique; we are a community! 


Address: 16 James Street, Geelong 

PHONE: 5201 0703

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