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Simple Summer Wedding

Getting married in Summer means you need to be organised. Summer is the most popular time of year to get married because it is the warmest time of year, you are almost promised a perfect day. 

Choosing a location for your ceremony is endless because of the great weather you have a choice of a;

Garden wedding

Beach wedding

Church wedding 

Country wedding 

If you want a wedding that is personalised and special to both you and your partner we suggest sitting down together and writing reasons why you both loved Summer times as a Kid (big or small).

My favourite past time as a kid was eating ice cream and fruit on the beach and my husband being the big kid he is now says he loves Summer time because he gets to drink beer with mates outside. So what did we do we had our reception next to the beach - for dessert we had an open bar with fresh fruit and an ice cream machine but dont worry I didnt miss out on my big kid because we had the drinks flowing outside on the deck in the gorgeous warm weather.

What ever you do make it special to you!

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