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Brooke & Nicholas


How the adventure started.... 


Brooke caught the bouquet at Brodie & Adams wedding and we all know what that’s means - catching the bouquet brings romantic luck for the future. 

Well, the universe can work very quickly when the planets are aligned and the time is right. 

And it was this very same night all it took was a like from Brooke on Instagram and Nicholas was hook, line and sinker. 

They kind of found one another, I want to say by accident but something tells me that this union just had to happen.

From the first moment their eyes locked and they came into each other lives, everything changed for Nicholas and Brooke - and it changed for the better. In fact Brooke was captivated and Nicholas smitten. 

‘Sally Williams’ 



A moment Brooke will never forget is her father walking her down the aisle to the man of her dreams, "the look in Nicholas’s eyes is a moment I will never forget". 

"It was magical, by far one of my favourite parts of our wedding day. " says Brooke.



Brookes advise to all Brides and Grooms ready to tie the knot.

To all you bride’s to be, take all this planning in and do not wish it away your day comes around so fast and it is everything you can ever dream of. 

Although in a blink of an eye, it’s gone. 

Enjoy every moment planning ❤️ 






Our Wedding Team

Wedding Dress - Embrace Bridal Geelong 

Hair & Make Up - By Mel from The Nest Hair & Beauty Room , Leopold. 

Bridesmaids Dresses - Bridal House 

Flowers - As Daisy Does 

Wedding Cake - Buttercream Treats By Lily. 

Venue - At The Heads, Barwon Heads 

Celebrant - Sally Williams 

Photographer - Kari Tegan Photography 

Videographer - Will Cook. Up Weddings

Musician - Jeffrey Jordan Music 

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